Look younger with Gold

Recently the gold had been included in beauty and skin care products; creams, masks , facials, …..

Gold !! yes gold

Many of us love wearing gold jewelry. Jewelry is indeed the primary use of this precious metal but there are other applications. The use of gold as a currency dates back 6000 years. Today we can also find gold in electronics, computers, in high end glass, gilded (gold leaf) objects and even dental fillings. There are also medical uses such as gold compounds for the treatment of some forms of arthritis. However, in the pursuit of beauty, gold has also been used in some pretty extreme facial treatments.

Why Gold for skin?

- Increases the circulation of blood

- Skin absorbs Gold quickly as it is one of the softest metals

- Gold inhibit the free radicals so that the skin can regenerate quickly and max

 The results will be :

- T
ighten skin : Gold will tight your skin

- Skin hydration :
Gold Moisturize and Hydrate the Skin

- Skin rejuvenation :
Gold rejuvenate your skin by Collagen stimulation

- Repairs damaged skin cells

- Reduces lines under eyes, reduce wrinkles and  fine lines

You can do gold facial at home, simple get gold ampoules and follow the steps for
facial at home.  After that you will look and feel years younger and Your Skin will Glow with a Subtle Shimmer.