Use sunblock to protect your skin from the sun

If you want to keep your skin younger and prevent your skin from damage caused by sun then you must wear sunblock.

You don’t need to hide from the sun, on the contrary, you can enjoy the hot summers on the beaches under the sun without causing any damage to your skin, only if you protect your skin from the sun beams

Celebrities whom having the younger and nice skin don't live in a cocoon to avoid sun rays, but they also don't lie out in the sun for hours, and they are always putting on sunblock

Why you should wear sunblock?

Sunbeams contain harmful rays (UVA and UVB ), they can cause irritation, discoloration, free-radical damage, lines, wrinkles, breakdown proteins collagen that give skin its firmness, cancer of the skin, so simply you SHOULD protect your skin from these rays .

Things you need to know:
1- Be aware that sun harmful rays generally reflect off water, sand, snow and any light-colored surface, such as concrete.

2- Some of the sun harmful rays will penetrate water and windows
What to do?

1- Wear sunblock 15 minutes before they leave the house in the morning and at least one more time a few hours later.

2- wear sunblock inside even when are not directly under the sun.

Any sunblock that has SPF 15 or higher is good, but what's most important is applying it often. Don’t forget to also wear Sunglasses: Large lenses with UVA/UVB filters, they prevent you from squinting, which cause crow's feet