Younger face with long lasting masks and dermarolling

In my opinion face masks are not only the mixture that you put in your face and keep for 10 -20 minutes, then rinse it! It is more than this: any product or mixture that you put in your face for specific purpose, you may keep it on your face more than 20 minutes ( it may reach hours ). You may also wear your makeup above it and go out. How is that ?

My old idea of face masks :

I’m used to the idea that the mask have strange colors and mixture, and that I can’t keep it on my face more than 20 minutes, they tighten the skin and close the pores after the facial. I’m also used to idea of going to the kitchen, open the refrigerator, pick some stuff and mix then them together, and will end up with great mask.

The new one :

But lately I’ve been introduce of new concept of mask: long lasting masks follow by dermarolling. I illustrate how to use it in "Dermarolling to look younger"

Simply I do facial at home. Or because I’m lazy, I do this after having hot shower (assuming that this will replace the steaming). Then I spread the mask replacement on my face followed by dermarolling.

What is that mask or the product that replaced the mask :

For the mask replacement I use :

- Vitamins ( vitamin E , vitamin D . . . . )

- Ampoules ( my preferable ):
Caviar ampoules , Seaweeds ampoules , Royal honey ampoules , Oxygen ampoules , Placenta ampoules . . . . . . .

This mask is long lasting; you don’t need to clean it after 20 minutes, besides no chance to smell like egg or mayonnaise . . . . even after cleaning the mask.

Depending on the mask purpose select the product to use, for example : to treat Acne and pimples, you can use seaweeds ampoules or Royal honey ampoules