Heal sun burns, acne and pimples , and reduce Dark spots using Baking Soda

Almost everyone knows that Baking soda, or sodium bicarbonate is key element for baking. But not everyone knows that it is also key element for cleaning purposes and beauty purposes and others .. . .

Baking soda can help maintain the pH balance in your bloodstream. Which help us being healthy and far from diseases . it is an antacid used to relieve heartburn. It is also been used widely for teeth whitening, also to clean kids toys, clean microwave oven . . . .

Beauty uses for baking soda:

Baking soda for beauty is all because maintaining pH balance gets rid of the acidic pH in which the bacteria thrive, while regulating the sebaceous glands’ activity. Because of that baking soda is good for the following:

1- Heal sun burns

2- Get rid of acne and pimples

3- Clean the skin and remove blackheads : backing soda is good also for Splinter removal

4- Reduce Dark spots and whiten skin

How to use Baking soda?

Since Baking soda can act as physical exfoliator, and what makes it especially effective is that it is a fine, yet hard powder, making it highly effective at removing the dead skin cells without causing excessive irritation.

A paste made from tea spoon of baking soda combined with 1 part water can be used as an exfoliator for your face. It’s natural, inexpensive and gentle enough to use every day.