Jojoba Oil benefits for the skin

Jojoba Oil - the extract that comes from the seeds of the jojoba tree – has numerous beauty benefits because it is very similar to human skin oil.

What makes Jojoba Oil special :

1- Jojoba oil is a liquid wax that mimics sebum, the fatty substance produced by the body to protect the skin.

2- Jojoba oil is also high in E and complex B vitamins.

3- Jojoba oil is both antibacterial
and anti fungal since it naturally contains iodine.

4- Jojoba oil is a rich antioxidant.

So what are Jojoba oil benefits for skin?

1- Rough, dry skin. Jojoba oil it is absorbed easily into the skin without clogging pores. So it is good for moisturizing the skin and keep it hydrated.

2- Reduce wrinkles, reduce scars and fine lines. Jojoba oil’s essential properties, combined with its hydrating qualities, can help reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

3- Acne and pimples: Jojoba oil cleans clogged pores and helps restore the skin’s natural pH balance, so it’s a safe, natural, and effective treatment for acne and pimples .

4- Dull, sagging skin: Massaging with jojoba oil can keep the skin plump and looking healthy all over.

5- Aging skin: The antioxidant qualities of the oil prevent any further damage to the skin due to the aging process. Thus the chances of appearance of fresh new lines of wrinkles are lessened.