Jennifer Aniston young face secrets

Jennifer Aniston is one of the top 10 sexy Hollywood actresses, even she over 40 years old but she is beautiful and fit, and most important – at least to me – she has gorgeous skin.

Frankly I like to dig and find what these beautiful ladies are doing to their skin, maybe I’ll imitate them, isn’t good idea?!

Seem like Jennifer Aniston is taking a very good care of herself, she is going yoga , she exercise often with lots of anti-cellulite spa treatments.

But what about the skin?
In the morning
1- she uses ice pack method to reduce dark circle under eyes and puffiness under eyes . After she wakes up she places these little bags on her eyes, keeping them for 10 minutes.

2- For her lips : -this is really interesting - To keep her lips full, Jennifer Aniston puts half a teaspoon of sugar and a little water on a toothbrush and scrubs her lips with it for about a minute. She does it every day.

At night
She do simple facial followed by vitamin A treatment for ten minutes, Then she apply teaspoon of Vaseline under each eye.

Finally and because Jennifer Aniston loves to sunbathe she had sun spots, so she did laser treatment , I’m not sure how many time she did the laser, but I’m sure she did it again and again after seeing the results.

Frankly I like what she is doing so much, except for the sugar on lips thing. I hope I will attain the younger face after 40’s.