Radio Frequency treatment for younger face

Till the last year I didn’t hear about effective acne scars and wrinkles treatment other than laser CO2. Frankly laser Co2 reduced my acne scars up to 60% . The only issue I have with this treatment is that the dermatologist refuses to do it around the eyes!

During my previous visit to my county - Jordan – the dermatologist told me that they have new treatment for acne scars and it is not as painful as laser. And the great thing that it is safe for the eye area and no downtime is required. I did only one treatment, the result was great on the scars, and even the eye area. Frankly it reduces the fine lines and the dark circles under my eye, beside reducing acne scars.

What is Radio frequency for face ?

RF uses fractional bi-polar radio frequency to target the deeper dermal layers. This allows maximal heating of the collagen whilst keeping the top layer of the skin intact.

Why to do Radio frequency treatment?

RF can reduce wrinkles, and can tighten the skin on the cheeks, jowl lines, and neck area. This treatment can also treat certain forms of acne scarring. RF works by stimulation of collagen and improving lymphatic flow of your skin.