My 4th laser CO2 session for reducing acne scars

Yesterday I did my 4th laser CO2 treatment.  I’m doing this treatment not only to get rid of scars but also to rejuvenate my face.

I kept postponing this treatment till I took a post after I discovered that most of the sexiest actresses are doing laser treatment like Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston.

This time I did laser to my neck (because I start having these horizontal lines) and at the outer angles of my eyes.

Also I took some pictures of the laser CO2 device: (even I did laser CO2 in three different clinics in which they are using three different devices) but as long as it is the same concept I don’t care about the device!

I had small chat with the dermatologist about this treatment: from her experience she notice that laser CO2 is really good for scars (special acne scars) and fine line. She said also that laser CO2 will tighten the skin (even there is another treatment for tightening like RF). She told me also that Laser CO2 will not improve the neck line a lot (she prefers fillers). Also will not reduce the lines at the angles of the eyes a lot  (she prefers Thermage)

How Laser CO2 works
1- Pokes tiny microscopic hole in your skin these holes Stimulate collagen to be generated, this is the same concept of derma rolling.
2- Use heat  , heat will also stimulate collagen and rejuvenate the Skin

3- Peel out the outer layer of the skin which composed dead cells this layer will block product ingredient from penetrating to your skin, and will give your face older look.

Anyway, even my acne scar almost disappeared I will keep doing Laser CO2 treatment at least once a year, and will see if it will reduce the neck lines and the eyes angle lines .