Oils for skin care and younger face

One of my favorite skincare products are oils ; they are natural, contain many vitamins and elements that could be easily absorb by our skin, and so beneficial for the skin.

I was raised in a family who strongly believe in natural products for taking care of skin, hair and body. On top of these natural products in oils (especially olive oil). Frankly olive oil is one on the essential elements in our daily life; it is part of our breakfast, we cook lunch with it , our soap is made from it (we make the soap at home), we moisturize our skin with it, we also put it in our hair before or after cleaning it . . . .

Even olive oil is number one in usage for us, we used to use other oils; castor oil, almond oil, coconut oil, jojoba oil , glycerin oil . . . .

Why oils for skin care ?

What make me really believe in the advantages of this oil is that my mom, my aunts, my grandma has healthy skin and hair, even they never use expensive moisturize or did skin treatment.

What is really good about oils is that they contain elements that are essential for skin care and most importantly these elements are in a natural formula (zero chemicals have been added). Also some oils are closest in composition to human skin (olive, almond, apricot, peach, and avocado) which make them easy to absorb. All of these make oils good for many facial condition (dry skin, acne , wrinkles and scars )

What  to do ?

The bottom line is: if you care about your skin you should consider using oils. Even we can’t replace our daily skin care products with oil because of the too greasy look but at least we can use oils in the weekly face masks or to massage the skin after facial, of even before derma rolling.