Benefit of castor oil for skin care

I know since long time that castor oil it good for hair growing (boost hair growth), whenever any lady want to change the shape of her eyebrows she will use castor oil for eyebrow for about a month, and the results are always great.

I also have funny experience with drinking castor oil to stimulate labor, and it did; after less than 18 hours of drinking this oil I delivered my baby.

One day my sister shocked me with the fact that castor oil is so good for the area around the eyes, mainly for the black circle and fine lines

Main Castor oil benefit for skin care

Castor oil has so many benefits for the skin; but the best (in my opinion) are mainly three :

1- Reduce dark circles around eyes

2- Reduce dark spots

3- Reduces line (specially under eyes )

How Castor oil work on skin

Castor oil has a low molecular weight, which means it is absorbed readily into skin, providing nourishment and moisturizing effects. Castor oil has the ability to not only penetrate the skin, but to reach the deeper in the skin layers and warm it, which can decrease the stagnation of fluids (which is the main reason for dark circles and dark spots ) and increase blood circulation

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