Simple home treatment with oils and vitamin A

Vitamin A - From Amazon

Two weeks ago I decided to start simple home treatment to my face, every other day I will put vitamin A on my face and around my eyes and my neck , the next day I will put oil is piece on cotton and wipe my face with it.

What is the oil that I’m using?

Actually I’m switching between many oils; olives, Castrol, jojoba.

Why I choose vitamin A and these oils?
Simply only with Vitamin A and this collection of oil I should nourish my face, reduce lines, rebuild skin tissues and much more . . . .

Just have a look of what these products benefits for skin ( for sure I didn’t list all the benefits, I list those whom I need for the moment )

Vitamin A : Slow aging process , Repair damaged skin and Rebuild skin tissues

Olive oil : great skin moisturizer, Slow aging process, Repair damaged skin, Prevent sun burns

Castrol oil : reduce dark circles around eyes and reduce lines

Jojoba : moisturizing the skin and keep it hydrated, prevent any further damage to the skin due to the aging process.

I’m planning to keep doing that, maybe I’ll add two more oils. I’m not sure when I will notice a change but at least I’m sure that I’m doing something great to my skin