Lamer as the best moisturizer

One of the creams that I love using is the Lamer; definitely it is everything that my skin needs to get moisturized and healthy. I swear whenever I use this cream my skin and the area under my eyes will look healthy.

This cream claims that in a short time it improves the lines, wrinkles and the look of pores. To be honest the cream will improve them a lot but not within short time!

The interesting fact about Lamer is the story about it having been developed by a Nasa scientist to clear up burns he suffered during an accident.

The only issue about this cream is that it is expensive: $150 for 1 oz , $275 for 2 oz ! but if I tell you that the 2 oz will last for about 6 months (about $46 monthly ) !

Why Lamer works on skin?

The main ingredient for Lamer is Sea Kelp. Sea kelp is known to oxygenate and nourish the skin. With its detoxifying agents it stimulates, revitalizes, and balances the skin while improving moisture levels.

The seawater in sea kelp simulates human plasma and it improves the texture, tone and is easily absorbed by the skin. More than 75% of our beautiful planet is covered by the sea and since ancient time people have turned to the sea for it’s riches in trace minerals and it’s ability to heal.

So simply because of that Lamer is great cream